Sarah Palin is a North Korean Commie!!

This is the flag of North Korea

Sarah Palin, who happens to be my hero for the consistency of her idiocy, telling everyone that, “We have to stand by our North Korean allies.”

North Korean allies?

Hey Her Schoolmarmish, didn’t you once say Obama was a communist?  Implying that communism is bad?  Oh, but you also basically said Obama was a Muslim and a terrorist too.  But seriously, North Koreans as our allies?  WTF Palin?  Can’t you fucking get anything right?

The North Korean government is one of the Axis of Evil, one of just two remaining!

So get your shit right, bitch!

And you want to be president?  Good fucking luck!


Fuck Sarah Palin for her GOP “tide”

Yes yes we all know the GOP just had a “tsunami” into government.

Sarah Palin, you did it!!

Spare me.  With the economy this bad, voters had to punish everyone they could.  Just like they did in 2008 when there was an even bigger tsunami in favor of the other side.

The Dems didn’t manage to fix anything, and how could they – the GOP, self proclaimed Party of No, didn’t let them.  Good idea douche-bags, lets go out of our way to divide the country when it most needs unity to overcome challenge.

Anyway, payback is a bitch, and GOP, you fuckers will get your comeuppance!


“Three Invisible Dicks”

'nuff said


Jon Stewart telling Sarah Palin to ****-off

Jon Stewart is awesome – check him here telling Her Schoolmarm’ish to Fuck Off!

Jon Stewart Loves Sarah Palin


Fuck You Sarah Palin!

Hey everyone welcome to FUCK YOU SARAH PALIN, where our motto is “Fuck you Sarah!”

The reason we want to tell Sarah to FUCK OFF is simple:  she is a terrible politician that is dividing our country.  And she’s an idiot too.  Plain and simple.

As a reminder of how dumb she is, check out this link which shows which newspapers she reads